Together, let’s say “STOP” bombing civilians.

Humanity & Inclusion launched a grassroots campaign to “Stop Bombing Civilians” – a common practice in present-day conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries. Ninety-two percent of people killed and injured by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas are civilians.

Used on a massive scale in urban areas during recent armed conflicts, explosive weapons have killed and maimed thousands of civilians in countries including Syria, Yemen and Palestine. These weapons cause severe suffering and injuries, including amputations, disabilities and psychological traumas. They destroy homes, schools, hospitals … After a conflict, weapons that did not explode on impact constitute not only a danger for the security of the populations but also an obstacle to the reconstruction of the country. They thus plunge people into terrible poverty.

Take a stand against the bombing of civilians by sharing your own ‘STOP’ photo!

Here’s how to take part:

  • Write the word STOP on your hand and then take a ‘selfie’
  • Post it on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts using the hashtag #StopBombingCivilians
  • Mention us in your post!
    Twitter: @HI_Canada | Facebook: @Humanite.Inclusion.Canada


Sign the petition!

I support Humanity & Inclusion’s call on all States worldwide to:

  • Publicly commit to end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas;
  • Fully implement the treaties banning landmines and cluster munitions without delay and encourage non-signatory states to sign them;
  • Contribute to assisting the victims, clearing weapons in affected zones, and preventing further injuries and deaths.


The use of explosive weapons in populated areas is a violation of international humanitarian law, civilian populations must be protected!

Mandatory informations

These elements are indispensable to validate your signature and use it in our official actions, as the promotion of the number of signatories or the interpellation of public authorities responsible for these issues.

Optional informations

This part offers you the opportunity to express a detailed opinion on the subject. It also allows us to better identify the commitment of citizens by provinces or cities and so to guide our informative and raising-awareness activities.

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